Why Should I have my Wheelie Bins Cleaned?

After time dirt and bacteria builds up in all wheelie bins and food caddies, some have a thick layer of rubbish stuck at the bottom. An unwashed wheelie bin and food caddy are prone to get infestation with insects, especially maggots; it will also be full of Bactria  and 

 smell unpleasant at the very least.

How much does it cost?

All our prices are clearly display on the booking in section if you live in Ashford

All our prices are clearly display on the booking in section if you live in Folkestone

Do I need to be home when you clean my bin?

No, there is no need for you to be home, as we clean the wheelie bin after it has been emptied by our local council. Ideally leave your bin on the kerbside or the boundary of your property after the council collection. We will return the bin to your property for you.

How do I register to get my bin cleaned?

Either give us a call on 01233 226346
07588336980 or fill in the
Booking in section on our site.

When and how do I pay?

Just order our service and leave the rest to us, you only pay when we have cleaned your bin. We have set up direct debit payment to make it even easer.

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Do all your cleaning methods meet the guidelines of the Environmental Agency ?

All waste water and dirt from inside the bin is contained within the mobile cleaning unit and discharged under license only at our approved outlet by the local authorities in accordance with guidelines set out by our license with the Environment Agency. 

To view our Waste Carrier License

What advantages are there to having my Wheelie Bin cleaned?

Having your wheelie bin cleaned will reduce bacterial build up that causes bad smells and also decrease the risk of pest infestation from rodents, ants and flying insects. The cleaning process also removes and maggots.

When you clean my wheelie bin will it make it look like new?

Sorry its hard to say how it will look after we have cleaned it however it will look cleaner and smell better.

Will you dump waste at the road side or leave any litter in my street

No all waste water is returned to our purpose made cleaning vehicle and all rubish what was left in your wheelie bin will be removed and disposed of properly.

I forgot to put my wheelie bin out for refuse collection will I get charged for a missed clean?

No you will not be charged as we did not clean your wheelie bin. 

When will my wheelie bin get cleaned?

Unfortunately due to high demand we are having to clean the day after they are emptied.

Are you a franchise?

No, we are a family owned business and are not connected to any other company.

My refuse collector returns my bin to a designated place for me?

We can simply collect and return it to the designated place, just let us know.

How often should I need you to clean my wheelie bin?

Domestic clients would find four weekly service sufficient. 

Do you have Liability Insurance?

Yes we are fully insured with public liability insurance up to £5,000,000.00

What do you do to my wheelie bin?

Our tailor-made wheelie bin cleaning process using 100% biodegradable products, is simple but highly effective. We use hydraulic rams (commercial bins) to lift bins into position and high pressure lances to blast away dirt and grime. All cleaning water from inside the wheelie bin is collected and taken away. Bin exteriors are cleaned, then sprayed with a  disinfectant.

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