Christmas Special 1 Domestic Refuse Wheelie Bin & 1 Food Caddy Cleaned for £6.50

Regular Wheelie bin cleaning

From £3.00 per Wheelie Bin 

Ashford's No 1 Wheelie bin cleaning service

Ashford Wheelie Bin Cleaning is a high quality and fully equipped local Domestic & Commercial 

Wheelie Bin Cleaning service. 

We clean the inside and the outside of your wheelie bin, leaving it sparkling and fragranced.

 and disinfected. 

Domestic Wheelie Bin Cleaning

For Just £3 per Wheelie Bin you get the complete following service

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Commercial Wheelie Bin Cleaning

We clean a range of Commercial Wheelie Bins From 120lts right up to 1100lts

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Who are Ashford Wheelie bin Cleaning?

Ashford Wheelie Bin Cleaning is a company who specialise in external cleaning and we have now added wheelie bins and food caddy cleaning to our services

The Cleaning Process

Your Wheelie Bins and food caddies are:

  • checked for rubbish that collects at the bottom
  • thoroughly washed inside and out
  • disinfected
  • left smelling fresh and clean.    

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The Environment

We follow a set  of guide lines set out by the environment agency even though they have now been removed 

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Why should you get your wheelie bins and food caddy cleaned?

After time dirt and bacteria builds up in all wheelie bins and food caddies, some have a thick layer of rubbish stuck at the bottom. 

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What if you clean your wheelie bins and food caddy yourself?

If you use bleach or other chemicals to clean your bin please do not empty the contents in the storm drains  due to the possibility of  contamination 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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